Sublimation Mug Heat Press Machine
 Key Features :
Brand – SubliTech
Power 450W
Gross Weight 11 Kg
Bi-Voltage: 220/110V
Time and Temperature are digitally regulated.
Intelligent Temperature control.
Temperature System – Celsius and Fahrenheit
Processing quantity counting capability
Machine Measurement – 18x18x24 cm
Best quality printing
Auto – temperature correction system and comes with an intelligent audible alarm.
Printing to be done on – Mugs
Mug Heater: Silicon Coil
Maximum Temperature: 399’F

SubliTech Sublimation Mug Heat Press Machine is a durable and easy to use, mug press machine is perfect for any low production start-up business.
This machine has a quality of full wrapping of the heating elements of the mug which performs brilliantly when put to use.
You can print logos, images or any design of your choice on the mugs and can use it for selling or gifting purpose.
This Machine is an excellent choice for sublimation beginners.
How to Use
On a Sublimation Mug Heat Press Machine, firstly, set the time and temperature on the control box, then take a ceramic mug on which you want to print. Place your design on the mug which you have taken out on a sublimation paper, with the help of sublimation tape. Once you are done placing it, slide the mug into the mug press as soon as it’s heated up and press away. Please note, when you heat a glass mug and apply pressure to it, there a slight chance that the glass might break, so remember to do it very gently. Press down the mug and let the time countdown start. As soon as the time stops, pull the handle away and take out the mug. You might need to wear an oven mitt to touch the mug as it will be very hot. Once it cools down, strip away the sublimation paper, and you have an extremely beautiful printed mug ready for you!
 If you have any inquires or any questions regarding our Machines, please feel free to contact us by email or online, we will be happy to help and endeavor to get back to you within 24 hours.

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